Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Degree Show

This is my final degree show. The framed prints and the book on the shelf are part of a journey project, the wooden pieces at the bottom are part of my showcase project, where I picked Watership down as my text that I based my imagery on, and the model on the plinth is my self promotion project. I'm sorry for the poor quality photograph. I'll be posting some better images soon.


  1. this photo doesnt do it justice. Looked absolutely amazing. loved the gold print. good luck for the future!!


  2. Heya Poonam!!! :D it's Blondie!

    Lovin your degree show, it looks awesome! wish I could see it in person!

    Disspointed I can't comment on the Blue lady :P I think that 1s my fave!

    Congrats again and see u soon!

  3. hey poonam.
    i am surprised you have a blog. hopefully you have realised just how good you are :-)
    ruthie x x x

  4. Thanks guys!

    Good luck to you too Paddy......pick illustration :)

  5. Hi Poonam I am Jayna from the course Applied Arts in Hertfordshire, also a 3rd year..I saw your work and I absolutely loved favorite one out of the reminds me of some of the motifs I have in my work regarding the detail, mandalas and the shapes. It has a very Textile form in your work and I am a textiles designer I think that is why i love ur work!
    Not sure if you saw my work..but I just had to contact you.

    But well done!!
    Jayna xxx

  6. Thanks so much Jayna!

    The quality of work at the degree show this year was brilliant. Textile and fabric design is something I am really interested in and something i'd like to do in the future.

    Thank you again for the lovely comment :)